The Crew

Horst Rickels (bass / baritone / tenor) is musical leader/conductor of several choirs and plays various key instruments.  Now almost  20 years  conductor of “Zingerij Dwarsgetuigd”.
Horst Rickels (*1947, Westerstede, Germany) performed since 1961 with several ensembles as saxophone and piano player. Formerly a pianomaker, he studied Music teaching at the Music Academy in Kassel and, between 1972 and 1974, electronic music with Dick Raaijmakers at the Royal Conservatory in Den Haag.
Rickels taught at several musical institutes in the Netherlands and at the School for Industrial Design in Eindhoven. He led workshops for improvised music and played with the Free Funk-Band “Der Junge Hund”. He developed new instruments and multi-media-projects. Horst Rickels lectures at the Royal Conservatory in Den Hague since 1991.


Adrian Snoodijk (baritone / tenor) loves many music styles. Voice with a wide range. Almost 20 years soloist and present Chairman of “Zingerij Dwarsgetuigd”.

Tres Hombres


Walther van Heeswijk (baritone / tenor) likes country, folksongs and Shanties of course. For about 15 years been a member and soloist.



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